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Our Vision

Welcome to Backhanded Sports, the realest sports news online. Backhanded Sports is your premier destination for satirical Pickleball entertainment! We inject laughter, amusement, and absurdity into the world of Pickleball, redefining the boundaries of sports humor. Our dedicated team of writers and Pickleball enthusiasts crafts engaging content, playfully poking fun at the quirks of the game and celebrating its passionate players. Through our satirical articles, funny videos, and hilarious memes, we bring joy and entertainment to Pickleball enthusiasts worldwide. Join us on this hilarious journey, where satire meets Pickleball, and laughter reigns supreme.


At Backhanded Sports, we challenge the status quo and embrace the lighter side of sports. Our goal is to enhance the significance of Pickleball by adding a lighthearted touch. We believe that humor can transcend differences, foster camaraderie, and bring people together. So, whether you're a seasoned player or simply curious about this delightful sport, come escape the seriousness of everyday life and immerse yourself in the delightful world of Pickleball comedy. Welcome to Backhanded Sports, where we turn Pickleball upside down and serve it with a side of laughter!

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