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Alzheimers Pickleball Group Accidentally Sets Longest Pickleball Match Record After Forgetting Score

In an astonishing display of forgetfulness, the "Alzheimer's Pickleball All-Stars" broke the world record for the longest continuous pickleball match by playing for a mind-boggling 16 hours straight – all because they couldn't remember the score.

This motley crew of seniors, affectionately known as the "Pickle Pioneers," gathered at the local community center, completely forgetting that they had already played a match that morning. Undeterred by their memory lapses, they decided it was a perfect day for some friendly competition – on repeat.

As the hours ticked by, spectators watched in both awe and amusement as the Pickle Pioneers tirelessly whacked the ball back and forth, exhibiting impressive feats of both athleticism and short-term memory loss. One player was overheard asking, "Why do we keep playing? Did we win yet?" to which another responded, "I can't remember, but it doesn't matter. Let's just keep going!"

Tournament organizer, Margaret "Mega Memory" Thompson, who ironically had the worst memory of the bunch, tried her best to keep track of the score. However, she found herself scribbling on a notepad that read more like a grocery list than a tally of points. "Is this an 'X' or a '0'?" she wondered aloud, as the rest of the players just shrugged and continued playing, blissfully unaware of the current score.

Despite their memory challenges, the Pickle Pioneers displayed astonishing sportsmanship throughout the marathon match. Whenever a point was scored – by either side, they generously congratulated each other, assuming they were winning or losing, depending on their mood at the time.

Spectators, including family members and bemused onlookers, gathered to cheer on the Pickle Pioneers, bringing them snacks and refreshments to keep their energy up. "We don't really know who's winning, but they all seem to be having a great time," said one of the amused spectators.

As the match dragged on, the Pickle Pioneers continued to battle with the vigor of athletes half their age, thanks to the endless loop of their pickleball game. It was rumored that even a few professional players were secretly taking notes on their techniques and strategies, noting that the Pioneers' forgetful approach added an exciting element of surprise to the game.

Unfortunately, the world record attempt came to an end not because of fatigue, but because the community center's closing time had arrived. The players, undeterred by their memory lapses, seemed surprised by the abrupt stop, wondering why they weren't allowed to keep playing.

Despite not officially breaking the world record, the Alzheimers Pickleball Group was ecstatic about their unforgettable achievement. "Did we win? Did we lose? I can't remember, but it was a blast!" exclaimed one enthusiastic player.


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